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PET/MRThe Siemens Biograph mMR represents a major technological breakthrough in the imaging field by combining positron emission tomography (PET) and magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) in one scanner. This system allows simultaneous acquisition of MR and PET images in human subjects. The MR’s capacity to produce super-high resolution images, combined with the PET’s ability to display cell metabolism and molecular events results in outstanding images that denote organ position, function, and metabolism all in one image. The simultaneous image acquisition technique greatly reduces radiation exposure for the subject, reduces image acquisition time and effort (a whole body scan can take as little as 30 minutes), and provides a superior final image.

Combining the detailed anatomical information offered by MR, the high sensitivity to in vivo molecular events from PET, and the substantially reduced radiation when compared to PET/CT, this new PET/MR scanner will not only improve patient throughput but also open new avenues of research projects and clinical applications. We are very fortunate to receive the fourth whole body PET/MR scanner in the United States (alongside MGH, NIH, and WU), giving us tremendous advantages in new grant funding opportunities as well as being a leader in this new field of imaging research. If your research can benefit from PET/MR imaging, please see the links below to schedule clinical patient studies with the BRIC.

The Biograph mMR scanner is available from 8:00 AM-4:00 PM Monday through Friday. To check availability of the PET/MR scanner,

Scheduling Clinical Patient Studies

We are now offering the PET/MR scanner for research as well as clinical use. Below are links for the necessary forms to schedule a clinical patient study. Please use the sample order form as a reference.

Call Radiology Scheduling at (919) 843-6509 or (919) 966-1884

Fax completed order forms to (919) 843-0924. Completed forms *MUST* include:

  • 2 patient identifiers: full name and medical record and/or birthday
  • Date of order
  • Name of physician ordering + signature + date + time of signature
  • Type of test, diagnosis (ICD-9), and CPT used at time of scheduling


Below is a gallery of scans taken using the MR PET scanner: (Click image to enlarge)

fused axial brain.JPG fused axial brain2.JPG PET CT fused sag brain.JPG heart.bmp heart2.bmp wb.JPG wb cor.bmp