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7T Siemens MR Scanner

The Siemens Magnetom 7T whole body MR scanner offers ultra-high resolution and the ability to see anatomical detail not possible at lower field strengths. The 7T scanner is available for use in both human and animal studies.

  • Gradient strength of 70mT/m
  • Slew rate of 200T/m/s
  • Multinuclear capabilities
  • Ultra high field optimized coils – 32 channel head coil, 28 channel knee coil, 32 channel cardiac/body coil
  • 0.2mm resolution for improved visualization of anatomy and enhanced fMRI
  • 8 channel transmit array (pT/x)

The 7T MR scanner is currently being operated on an as needed basis. To schedule, email For same week scheduling please call 919-843-6194.