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The facility has all the relevant materials, instrumentation, and expertise to accommodate all popular purification methods and systems; from basic gravity columns and dialysis to high end FPLCs and Tangential flow filtration. If users need to utilize a technique and/or system that is not present in the facility we will work with you to try and get it working here.

Fast Protein Liquid Chromatography (FPLC)

The facility is equipped with FPLCs and a wide assortment of both high- and low-grade chromatography columns, covering the vast majority of protein-purification needs (affinity capture/ion exchange/gel filtration). In addition, users may supply their own columns for specialized projects.

AKTAxpress – We have 2 of these instruments. They are advanced chromatography systems designed for automated, multistep protein purification of both single and multiple samples.

AKTA FPLC – We have one of these. It is an older workhorse system that is ideal for developing a purification protocol at small scale before transitioning to the AKTAxpress systems.

Tangential Flow Filtration (TFF)

TFF is a process for the rapid concentration and dia-filtration (buffer-exchange) of large volumes of solutions, typically in preparation for further purification steps. Our system can accommodate volumes up to 10L and proteins with molecular weights of 10KDa and larger.