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The UNC Department of Health Sciences is committed to health and wellbeing, focusing on North Carolina and extending globally.

We value the learning and scholarship that arise from international engagement, and seek opportunities to build a global mindset for faculty and students. We work through international partnerships built upon mutuality, cultural humility, and sustainability.

Policies for International Travel and Collaboration

UNC is a leading global public research university, with a commitment to a global mindset for students and faculty.

UNC Global has robust programs across the University for international engagement in research, teaching and service. Barbara Stephenson, UNC Vice Provost for Global Affairs and Chief Global Officer, hosts monthly meetings to exchange information about global policy and initiatives. DHS Director for Global Partnerships represents the Department on the UNC Global Leadership Advisory Group.

UNC Travel Policies, Procedures, and Forms (Approval required for all University-related travel)

UNC Global Partnership and Programs 

UNC’s International Student and Scholar Services office is a resource hub for faculty and students.

Health Sciences from a Global Perspective

A survey of 24 faculty members who collaborated internationally between July 2019 and July 2021 express the department’s goals for its global efforts:

  • Understand the “big picture” of healthcare
  • Strengthen global perspectives and theory development in individual disciplines
  • Support student learning
  • Build a global mindset and cultural fluency for U.S. health professionals
  • Stimulate new ways of thinking and collaboration to lift the quality of practice
  • Contribute to global work being performed in health science disciplines

Areas of Focus

From research to community-based practice, our faculty and students consistently contribute time and resources toward global learning and collaboration. A few topics of focus include:

  • Assessment, diagnosis and treatment
  • Racial equity
  • Language assessment tools
  • Policies, procedures, practice and advocacy

Learn more about specific areas of focus that our department bring to the international table.

International Projects

Between July 2019 and July 2021, Department of Health Sciences faculty and students collaborated with individuals and groups in Australia, United Kingdom, Belgium, Denmark, Canada, Netherlands, Ghana, South Africa, Sweden, Costa Rica, Guatemala, Brazil, China, Malawi, Ireland, Finland, Israel, New Zealand, Turkey, Mexico, Germany, Chile, Portugal and United Arab Emirates.

Click and zoom in on the map to see some of the institutions and organizations we’ve recently worked with:

Embracing Virtual Partnerships

Though the Department of Health Sciences has a long history of international travel to participate in collaborative projects, the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic shifted work to virtual partnerships from Chapel Hill. Faculty and students continue to work with others in their disciplines and interdisciplinary partnerships through virtual communication. Progress on global projects continues to move forward, through flexible virtual collaborations, alongside endeavors to return to more in-person travel.

Connect with the Global Partnerships Committee

If you are interested in and open to collaborative international research, education, and service, we would like to learn more about your goals and practice areas. Contact Lisa Domby, Director for Global Collaboration, or reach out to a member of our committee for more information.