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The Department of Health Sciences offers continuing education “Hot Topics” presented by faculty who are experts in their fields. Topics are updated periodically based on timeliness, demand and availability. Scroll or search to view the current hot topics, click the corresponding links for an overview about the presentation, and request a course using this form. Contact Dr. Hannah Siburt for questions or additional details about the topics listed.

Clinical Preceptor Courses

In addition to the below topics, the department also offers online courses designed for an interprofessional audience of clinical preceptors who work with students, residents, or other advanced learners who are completing academic or program requirements in a clinical environment. Read more about the free online courses.

NEW: AutismSupporting Communication and Social Engagement in Children and Adolescents on the Autism SpectrumJessica SteinbrennerSLP
NEW: AutismSupporting Youth and Young Adults in the Transition to AdulthoodJessica SteinbrennerSLP
NEW: Clinical MicrobiologyA Microbe Made for the Movies: A Case-Based Intro to Vibrio VulnificusSusan TaylorCLS
NEW: Diagnostics/AssessmentMassive Transfusion Protocols in Obstetrics: Current Best Practice Tara MoonCLS
Diagnostics/AssessmentReview of Urinalysis through Case StudiesSusan BeckCLS
Diagnostics/AssessmentSolving Antibody ProblemsSusan Beck/Tara MoonCLS
Diagnostics/AssessmentBlood Cell MorphologyLaine StewartCLS
Diagnostics/AssessmentPhlebotomy Skills and Standards: CLSILaine StewartCLS
Diagnostics/AssessmentLower Quarter AssessmentMike GrossPT
Diagnostics/AssessmentAssessment and Intervention for Rotator Cuff Tears and ImpingementMike GrossPT
Diagnostics/AssessmentAssessment and Treatment of Anterior Glenohumeral Instability, SLAP Lesions, and Adhesive CapsulitisMike GrossPT
Diagnostics/AssessmentAssessment and Diagnosis of Acquired Apraxia of SpeechKatarina HaleySLP
NEW: AutismASAP Intervention for Preschoolers with AutismJessica SteinbrennerSLP
NEW: Diagnostics/AssessmentAdvancements in ImagingLauren NobleRadSci
GeriatricsAnemia in older adultsTara MoonCLS
GeriatricsFalls Risk Assessment and Intervention for Older Adults: An IPE ApproachVicki MercerPT
GeriatricsAging, Cognition, and Hearing Loss: Practical ConsiderationsNancy McKennaAuD
GeneticsGenetics and Everyday Audiology PracticeNancy McKennaAuD
HabilitationInterprofessional Work for Intimate Topics: Toileting and Sexual Function Following a Spinal Cord InjuryRaheleh TschoepeOT
HabilitationBeyond the ramp and reacher: How to truly prepare your client for life in a wheelchairKathryn SorensonOT
HabilitationReasonable modifications: What does the ADA say and what are the rights of your clients?Kathryn SorensonOT
HabilitationUnderstanding Hearing Technology and ReferralsPatricia JohnsonAuD
NEW: Hearing LossWhat Primary Care Providers Need To Know About OTC Hearing AidsPatricia JohnsonAuD
Hearing LossHearing Loss and AgingNancy McKennaAuD
NEW: Hearing LossModifying Dementia Risk Through Hearing CarePatricia JohnsonAuD
NEW: Hearing Loss
Practical Hearing Aid Care Tips for Nursing Staff and Caregivers
Patricia JohnsonAuD
NEW: Hearing LossUnderstanding the Impact and Management of TinnitusPatricia JohnsonAuD
IPECross-Cultural Practices – Lessons from International OTSusan CoppolaOT
IPEClinical education; preparing for successful student rotationLisa JohnstonPT
IPEFalls Risk Assessment and Intervention for Older Adults: An IPE ApproachVicki Merer
IPEAging with a Disability: Implications for EmploymentJudy SchmidtCRMH
IPEEffective Strategies for Assisting Consumers in Improving Self-Advocacy and EmpowermentJudy SchmidtCRMH
IPEA Multi-Faceted Approach to Adjustment to DisabilityJudy Schmidt/Eileen BurkerCRMH
IPEQuality of Life Pre and Post Heart and Lung TransplantEileen BurkerCRMH
IPEReasonable modifications: What does the ADA say and what are the rights of your clients?Kathryn Sorenson
TBIMild to Moderate Brain Injury: Vestibular and Balance ManifestationsKaren McCulloch
TBIMeasuring What Matters: Outcome Measures for TBIKaren McCulloch
TBIMild Brain Injury/Concussion (including wounded warriors)–PT Practice ImplicationsKaren McCulloch
PediatricsUsing Shared Speech and Language Features to Guide Intervention with Bilingual ChildrenLisa DombySLP
PediatricsUsing Speech and Language Universals to Guide Intervention with Bilingual ChildrenLisa DombySLP
NEW: Pediatrics NC Family Navigation Model & Guide for Working with Families with Children with Disabilities Elisabeth Crais/Becky Pretzel
ResearchParkinson’s Disease: New Perspectives from Clinical ResearchVicki MercerPT
StrokeRecovery of Postural Control Following Mild to Moderate StrokeVicki MercerPT
StrokeTreatment of Speech Production Difficulties after a Left-Hemisphere Stroke
StrokeClient-centered goal development for people with aphasiaKatarina HaleySLP