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Important Information – Please Review Before Proceeding

  • Any presenters not affiliated with the UNC School of Medicine (SOM) must sign our Recording Release Form. Each department is responsible for obtaining and retaining the original, signed documents.
  • It is the requestor’s responsibility to make the presenters and attendees aware of the recording prior to and during the event. We cannot record anyone who does not want to be recorded. We recommend muting all mics before and after the presentations to prevent recording private conversations.
  • UNC School of Medicine IT (SOM IT) cannot record, store, or stream any content that is in violation of state or federal laws, or UNC and SOM IT Information Security Policies. By adding files to this system, you confirm your use follows all related University policies and applicable laws, including UNC Copyright Policy and Information Technology Acceptable Use.
  • No Protected Health Information (PHI) can be included in Panopto recordings, even with authorization. Please ask presenters to remove any PHI from their presentations prior to recording.
  • Please see our Lecture Capture Policies and Guidelines page for more information.