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School of Medicine Now Using UNC Panopto for Lecture Capture Recording

UNC School of Medicine moved from their on-premise Panopto system to UNC’s new Panopto cloud lecture capture system at the end of the spring semester.

Many of the UNC Panopto benefits include:

  • Zoom integration
  • Automatic transcriptions and closed captioning
  • More features for managing and sharing recordings

Please Note: No patient Protected Health Information (PHI) can be included in UNC Panopto recordings. 

Please see our FAQs page for additional migration information. You can also visitUNC Panopto for more information. 

If you have any questions, please contact us.

Service Description

The School of Medicine Panopto lecture capture service records presentation, audio, and camera (in select rooms*) of lectures, meetings, and events, providing on-demand playback and asynchronous learning for students. Zoom and other recordings can also be uploaded into Panopto for streaming.

Please contact for more information. If you require video production, please contact our Instructional Media Services team.

Scheduled Recordings 

Recordings can be pre-scheduled in our School of Medicine supported classrooms by using our Lecture Capture Request Form. 

*Rooms with camera recording availability are listed on the request form. 

Types of Scheduled Recordings

  • Course recordings are for regularly occurring courses with a registrar course code (e.g. SPHS 801).

Panopto Recorder

Faculty wishing to provide an asynchronous learning experience for hybrid courses, or to delve into special topics that cannot be covered during class time, can record lectures anywhere using Panopto Recorder software on their laptop or desktop computer.

To get started with Panopto Recorder, please enter a ticket. On the ticket form, under How can we help you, select Training for media systems. Indicate in the Additional information that you would like Panopto Recorder.

Upload and Manage Recordings

Faculty and staff can upload and manage their own recordings, including any pre-scheduled recordings they requested. This provides greater control of your content, including sharing, editing, and downloading. Please enter a ticket. On the ticket form, under How can we help you, select Training for media systems. Indicate in the Additional information that you would like creator access. If you have an existing course or meeting folder, include the name or a link to that folder. Training will be provided.


Before requesting services, clients should familiarize themselves with the policies for recording. Use of the lecture capture system is subject to the user agreement.

Patient Protected Health Information (PHI) cannot be recorded or uploaded under any circumstance.

People not affiliated with the School of Medicine must give written consent for their lecture or presentation to be recorded. The party requesting the lecture capture is responsible for ensuring that consent is obtained, and that they are complying with all applicable policies.

  • Recording Release Form: Presenters or others being recorded (except audience) not affiliated with the School of Medicine must sign a recording release form.

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