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Hello School of Medicine Teammates,

The classroom and conference room spaces are a shared resource for the entire school.  While the university has staffing to care for these overnight, we rely on all room users as members of our community to help ensure throughout the day that our spaces remain comfortable and productive for us all. Here are the SOM community standards for room use, as well as the expectations and responsibilities for users:

  1. Before you leave SOM classroom and meeting spaces, please return them to a good condition for the next user. We recognize that sometimes, the spaces will not be in a good condition when you arrive, and we ask that you report that to our scheduling office ( 919-843-8884 / 919-843-4909 or so that we can track when these problems are arising.
  2. Do not leave materials in the spaces unless they are contained and out of the way. The campus is large, and we realize it may be inconvenient to transport things to/from spaces regularly. If you must stow a small number of materials, please do so in a container that is labeled with the room number, your course/event name, semester, and contact information. Please keep this bin somewhere in the space that doesn’t interfere with other users. We cannot guarantee the security of these materials, but our support team will not remove them without contacting you. That said, our support team and housekeeping reserve the right to dispose of any items left in the spaces and will begin doing so regularly to address complaints.
  3. Do not reposition A/V furniture and equipment. We have had many cases over the years of people moving podiums or equipment in such a way that things have become damaged and unavailable for other users. Please contact our scheduling office if the way the equipment is set up is interfering with your ability to use the space so that we can come to a solution that does not cause damage.
  4. Return movable furniture to its original location. Some spaces have furniture that can be moved for things like small group activities. When your event is done, please make sure the tables are returned to the default room layout. Room layouts are posted in each room. Furniture should not be moved between spaces except by authorized personnel.
  5. Respect the reservation times surrounding your class or event. Users of spaces can add a setup and cleanup time to their reservation. It is during this time that any setup and breakdown for the program including catering should be taken care of. The space should be vacated promptly by the end of your reservation time.
  6. Please report issues to our teams as you observe them. If there are facilities issues in spaces such as lights, electrical, or any issues with furniture, please report those to our scheduling office by either calling 919-843-8884 / 919-843-4909 or by e-mailing If you have technology issues, you can report them to A/V Systems via their hotline at 919-843-9086 or by entering a ticket at
  7. SOM community members (students, staff and faculty) are welcome to use rooms informally in between scheduled events; however, these same expectations and responsibilities apply.

We look forward to working with you all to ensure our shared resources are in good working order. We encourage everyone to adopt a community mindset and respect the other community members who are sharing the space with you. And finally, we encourage you to hold our teams accountable and report issues so that we can resolve them as soon as possible.

Thank You,

School of Medicine IT