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  • Login to UNC Zoom
    • If you have access to a separate Zoom account that you do not use your Onyen to login to, you must manually log out of that account first.
    • Also use this link to request an account.
  • SOM Zoom Support Page

Web Conferencing Options

School of Medicine Webex is directly supported by the School of Medicine IT for web conferencing. This is only available to School of Medicine affiliates. Users primarily employed by UNC Health may submit an ARC Request for access to the UNC Health Webex.

Zoom is provided and supported by ITS for the University. There is a specific HIPAA enabled instance of Zoom that is supported by School of Medicine IT, however only users who are primarily employed by a School of Medicine department are automatically issued one of these accounts. Please visit your Zoom Account Profile page to determine what account you have. If you work with the School of Medicine and need access to the HIPAA enabled instance, visit our Zoom support page for more information.


A secure connection is required for conferences containing sensitive data such as protected health information (PHI).

Virtual Care Operations should be performed under the guidance of UNC Health. Please refer to the VCC intranet site for updates and resources.

While UNC School of Medicine Webex accounts and UNC Zoom HIPAA sub-accounts (with limited features) are approved for the transmission of Electronic Patient Protected Health Information (PHI), all relevant guidelines and procedures need to be followed in these instances.

All hardware conference systems (Cisco) managed by School of Medicine IT are configured to use a secure encrypted connection when possible. If you require a secure connection, testing must be done to ensure the remote site will be able to receive the secure connection in advance. Please indicate this need when you request videoconferencing services.

Managing Large Video Conferences

When hosting a large video conferences with multiple presenters and attendees, there are many factors to consider for your settings, including the number of attendees allowed, the level of audience participation allowed, and the type of meeting you are hosting.

We recommend someone other than the Presenter be the Host of the conference. The Host can monitor the chat section and relay questions to the Presenter, as well as mute and unmute participants as needed. This allows the Presenter to focus on their presentation.

Webex Events and Zoom Webinar allow more attendees to join the meeting and make it easier for the Host to limit attendee participation.

If you have any questions or would like to request training, please submit a request.

Room Systems

Some rooms include Cisco hardware conference units and/or integrated Web Conferencing systems through the PC in the room.

The Cisco Hardware Conference systems (controlled through the room’s touch panel) broadcast and receive audio and video as well as share content from the room’s PC or any other sources that could be projected in the space. These units can only call “SIP Addresses” or directly to other compatible units. SIP Addresses are included in Webex meeting information.

Our Web Conferencing Rooms allow you to use cameras and audio sources in a space with your choice of conference software from the PC provided in the room.

To find out what locations have these systems, use our Room Search Tool, and select Special Features > Video Conferencing.

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Associated Fees

  • School of Medicine Webex is free and available only to School of Medicine affiliates.
  • Zoom is a free campus-wide offering. Please see the SOM Zoom Support page for differences in account types.
  • Most services are provided at no cost for School of Medicine faculty, staff and students as well as other groups reserving our rooms. Non-standard requests may be charged at the School of Medicine IT End User Support rate of $80/hour per staff member. Support outside of normal business hours (M-F, 7:00 AM – 5:00 PM) is charged at the overtime rate of $120/hour per staff member.

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