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Division of Infectious Diseases


Incoming Fellows

Briana Castillo


Briana Castillo, MD

Undergraduate Institution: Union College
Education/Residency: Loma Linda University School of Medicine/University of Illinois Chicago

Alex Commanday headshot

Alex Commanday, MD

Undergraduate Institution: Vanderbilt University
Education/Residency: Baylor College of Medicine/Emory University

John Franzone headshot

John Franzone, MD

Undergraduate Institution: Vanderbilt University
Education/Residency: St. George’s University School of Medicine/New York-Presbyterian/Queens

Previous Position: Duke Hospital Medicine

Steph Sweitzer headshot

Stephanie Sweitzer, MD, MSPH

Undergraduate Institution: University of Virginia
Education/Residency: Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine/Emory University


First Year Fellows

Thomas Holowka headshot

Thomas Holowka, MD, PhD

Undergraduate Institution: Haverford College
Education/Residency: Renaissance School of Medicine at Stony Brook University/Yale New Haven Hospital
PhD: Yale University

I came to UNC because of the collegial environment and academic opportunities. I was looking for a program that was welcoming and supportive but would allow me to pursue my research and academic interests without any limitations. I was also drawn to the college town atmosphere surrounding Chapel Hill and the friendly faculty and fellows I met on my interview.

I am interested in host-pathogen interactions as they occur in the setting of human disease, particularly in immunocompromised individuals


Natalie Mackow headshot

Natalie Mackow, MD

Undergraduate Institution: Bryn Mawr College
Education/Residency: SUNY Stony Brook School of Medicine/Yale New Haven Hospital

I came to UNC because of the inspiring, approachable, and fun network of faculty and fellows I met during interviews, remarkable research opportunities and mentorship, unique clinical experiences at UNC and the surrounding areas, and the overall mission and collegiality of the UNC health system at large.

I am interested in TB and TB diagnostics, emerging infectious diseases, incarceration health, General ID, HIV/HIV primary care.


Eleanor Saunders headshot

Eleanor Saunders, MD, MPH

Undergraduate Institution: UNC-Chapel Hill
Education/Residency: UNC-Chapel Hill/New York University Primary Care Internal Medicine Residency

I returned to UNC because the faculty is incredibly intelligent, creative, and generous with time and energies. I particularly appreciate the vibrant discussion during academic conferences, and the close relationship with the microbiology department including daily micro rounds. These are doctors I want to be around and to model myself after. Add to this the setting of an academic public hospital with global sensibilities and I couldn’t ask for more.

My topics of interests are: still gestating, public health, tropical medicine, antimicrobial stewardship


Diana Zychowski headshot

Diana Zychowski, MD, MPH

Undergraduate Institution: University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign
Education/Residency: Virginia Tech Carilion School of Medicine/University of Minnesota

I was drawn to UNC’s ID department for the diverse opportunities in research, local and global health experiences, and clinical training. I feel the triangle area also provides an environment that supports quality of life outside of the hospital. There are many trails, breweries, and restaurants that I look forward to trying!

I am interested in ‘big data’ (metagenomics, molecular epidemiology, healthcare analytics, etc) and the application to public health surveillance and population health sciences. Post fellowship I hope to apply my research interests as a physician-scientist that bridges academia with local and global public health institutions.


Second Year Fellows

Eli Arant, MD

Undergraduate Institution: Davidson College
Education/Residency: Wake Forest University/University of Virginia-Charlottesville

I came to UNC because of the outstanding faculty, the strong clinical training, and the wide range of research opportunities and mentorship.

I am interested in HIV/AIDS, HIV primary care, and aging with HIV.


Neha Kumar, MD

Undergraduate Institution: Cornell University
Education/Residency: Weill Cornell Medicine/University of Rochester


Madeline McCrary, MD

Undergraduate Institution: Duke University
Education/Residency: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill School of Medicine/Christiana Care Health System

I chose to come back to UNC for many reasons – the approachable faculty, wide range of possible research opportunities both in NC and abroad, excellent clinical training, and mission and dedication of the hospital system to the people of NC, just to name a few. Plus the Triangle area is a fantastic place to live and only a couple hours away from some amazing places to relax!

I am interested in IVDU-associated infections and the intersection of ID and addiction medicine, inpatient management of COVID-19, HIV, general ID


Theppharit “Mac” Panichsillapakit, MD

Undergraduate Institution: Mahidol University, Bangkok, Thailand
Education/Residency: MetroWest Medical Center, Framingham, MA

I came to UNC because of the breadth of the clinical exposure and research experience the program offered; I was impressed by the supporting research infrastructure, especially in the HIV population.

I am interested in HIV transmission and prevention as well as metabolic disorders in HIV.

Third Year Fellows

Min Kim, MD, MSc

Min Kim, MD, MSc

Undergraduate Institution: Duke University
Education/Residency: George Washington Univ. and Inova Fairfax Hospital

I came to UNC because of impressive research and global health opportunities and mentorship, excellent clinical training and dedication to provide excellent care to the underserved population.

I am interested in antibiotics stewardship/MDR organisms, global health in the context of antimicrobial stewardship and transplant antimicrobial stewardship.


Arianne Morrison, MD

Arianne Morrison, MD

Undergraduate Institution: Williams College
Education/Residency: Wake Forest SOM and ECU

I came to UNC ID because of the robust research in HIV and the opportunity to obtain an MPH at one of the best public health schools in the country.

I am interested in HIV with a focus on MSM and women, and PrEP.


Laura Rachal, MD, MS

Laura Rachal, MD, MS

Undergraduate Institution: Louisiana State University
Education/Residency: Louisiana State University and Tulane University

I chose UNC because of my interests in Global Health, emerging pathogens and HIV in under resourced settings; I was impressed by the breadth of research and how welcomed I felt by the faculty on my interview day.

I am interested in Adolescent/Youth HIV as well as the transition between Pediatric and Adult HIV care, including maternal HIV and pediatric exposures.


Sarah Rutstein, MD, PhD

Sarah Rutstein, MD, PhD

Undergraduate Institution: Duke University
Education/Residency: UNC

I stayed at UNC because of the programs’ strength in clinical HIV care and research – both domestically and internationally – as well as the collaborative spirit of the University that affords the opportunity to partner with trainees and faculty in the School of Public Health.

I am interested in developing and expanding interventions to improve HIV outcomes in resource-limited settings by integrating clinical trials, implementation science methodology, and cost-effectiveness modeling.

2018-2019 Fellows

Michael Sciaudone, MD

Undergraduate Institution: Georgetown University
Education/Residency: Northwestern University and Tulane University
I came to UNC because of the outstanding opportunities it offers for pursuing research and training in global health, particularly within UNC Project-Malawi.

My topics of interest include tropical medicine (especially malaria and other parasites) and HIV in resource limited settings.



Kathleen Tompkins, MD

Undergraduate Institution: College of the Atlantic
Education/Residency: UNC and Johns Hopkins
I came to UNC for ID fellowship because of the collegial attitude of the faculty and fellows, the wide range of research opportunities, particularly in global health, and the excellent clinical training.

I am interested in global health and emerging infectious diseases.


2017-2018 Fellows

Alena Janda, MD, PhD

Alena Janda Markmann, MS, MD, PhD

Undergraduate Institution: University of Rochester
Education/Residency: Albert Einstein College of Medicine, Mount Sinai Health System
Master’s and Doctoral Degrees: Albert Einstein College of Medicine

My current topics of interest include:

  • antibody responses to flavivirus infections, focused on Zika and Dengue viruses
  • flavivirus diagnostics and vaccine development


Megan Srinivas headshot

Megan Srinivas, MD, MPH

Undergraduate Institution: Harvard University
Education/Residency: University of Iowa, Johns Hopkins School of Medicine
Master’s Degree: Harvard University

I came to UNC because of its history of extrapolating ID into the world of public health. Moreover, the mentorship in the division is truly impressive with personal investment in each fellow to ensure their vision comes to life regardless of how traditional or unique a path that may be.

My topics of interest include analysis of health care systems to determine impacts on access to care/patient outcomes and extrapolating the findings into legislative initiatives for implementation.

2021-2022 Compromised Host Fellow

Hareesh Singam Compromised Host Fellow 2021-2022 Headshot

Hareesh Singam, MD, MS

Undergraduate Institution: Case Western Reserve University
Education/Residency: Ross University School of Medicine/Mount Carmel Health System
General ID Fellowship: University of South Florida, Morsani College of Medicine

I came to UNC because of the excellent clinical training in broad array of transplant infections. In addition, the program offers strong antimicrobial stewardship program. Finally, a very friendly and collegial atmosphere in the UNC infectious disease fellowship program.

I am interested in transplant and mycobacterial infections.

2020-2021 Compromised Host Fellow

Daphne-Dominique H. Villanueva, MD

Undergraduate Institution: University of the Philippines
Education/Residency: University of the East/Ramon Magsaysay Memorial Medical Center, Philippine General Hospital, and Monmouth Medical Center
General ID Fellowship: University of Florida

I came to UNC because of the unique opportunity to study transplant infectious diseases combined with antimicrobial stewardship. UNC offers excellent clinical training and mentorship and I love the collegial attitude of the faculty and fellows.

I am interested in antimicrobial stewardship in immunocompromised hosts, C diff infection, and emerging infections.

2019-2020 Compromised Host Fellow

Tyler Lambing

Tyler Lambing, MD, MBS

Undergraduate Institution: Villanova University
Education/Residency: Geisinger Commonwealth SOM/Cooper University Hospital

I came to UNC because the excellent faculty and the unique opportunity to engage in transplant and stewardship training.

My research interests are in antibiotic stewardship in immunocompromised patients.