Mark Zylka
Mark Zylka, PhD Director

Welcome to the Neuroscience Curriculum at UNC Chapel Hill. More than 250 students successfully completed PhD training in our curriculum over the years. Our alumni have outstanding positions in schools of medicine, university basic science departments, liberal arts colleges, biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies, regulatory agencies, consulting firms, and in scientific publishing. We offer training across the breadth of basic and clinical neuroscience including use of state of the art methodologies to study nervous system function. Collegiality, collaboration and enhancement of personal career development are integral parts of all neuroscience curriculum educational and research activities. There are numerous community events including a weekly campus-wide neuroscience seminar, weekly research talks given by students, an annual symposium, and an annual student research retreat. Please browse the website and consider applying!



  • Nicholas Boyer Defended PhD Thesis on December 3

    On December 3rd, Nicholas Boyer (Gupton Lab) defended his PhD Thesis: “A Pair of TRIM Proteins Regulate Axon Guidance in Concert.” Mentor: Dr. Stephanie Gupton

  • Amber Kline completed Qualifying Exam on November 30

    On November 30th, Amber Kline (Kato Lab) successfully defended and passed her oral qualifying exam! The title of her research proposal is “Neural circuits underlying temporal integration of sounds and their dysregulation in an ASD model.”  

  • Colleen Lawrimore defended PhD thesis on November 15

    On November 15th, Colleen Lawrimore (Crews Lab) defended her PhD thesis: “The Role of Neurons and Glia in Ethanol-Induced Innate Immune Signaling” Mentor – Dr. Fulton Crews      

  • Randall Ung completed Qualifying Exam on November 1

    On November 1st,  Randall Ung (Stuber Lab) successfully defended and passed his oral qualifying exam! The title of his research proposal is “Neural dynamic adaptation of extended amygdala and prefrontal cortex to stress and anxiety.”