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These are internal grad school funding opportunities. Check the rules and deadlines.

Be aware that some awards are relatively few in number and relatively small in amount (e.g. $500) or literally a single award of $1,000 to ONE UNC PhD student across all disciplines on campus (The Dean’s Distinguished Dissertation Award). So you should realize for many the odds are not great.

However, the Dissertation Completion Fellowship is rather generous ($18,000-$20,000 per academic year (2 semesters) and includes tuition, fees, and health insurance. There are also multiple awards to School of Medicine PhD students each year (typically). You cannot have any other fellowship simultaneously (NIH F30, F31, NSF etc.) and can only be in thesis research (994) full time with no outside employment or other courses. There is only one cycle each year and is meant for students “hoping” to graduate in May 1.5 years after the application deadline (typically in March).