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Dr. Mark Zylka, Director

Dr. Juan Song, Co-Director

Dr. Jay Brenman, Director of Graduate Studies (DGS)

Sue Modlin, Student Services Manager


Executive Committee – Todd Cohen (Neurology), Mohanish Deshmukh (MD/PhD Program Co-director, Cell Biology & Physiology), Erin Heinzen (School of Pharmacy), Tom Kash (Pharmacology, Director of Alcohol Center), Ben Philpot (Co-Director, Neuroscience Center), Kate Reissner (Psychology and Neuroscience), Donita Robinson (Associate Dean for Graduate Research, Alcohol Center, Psychiatry), Morika Williams (Pathology/Division of Comparative Medicine), Hyejung Won (Genetics), Mark Zylka (Director, Neuroscience Center)

Student Mentoring and Oversight Committee – Eva Anton (Cell Biology & Physiology), Jay Brenman (Cell Biology & Physiology), Flavio Frohlich (Psychiatry), Steve Crews (Biochemistry & Biophysics, Biology), Graham Diering (Cell Biology & Physiology), Ben Philpot (Cell Biology & Physiology), (Kathryn Reissner (Psychology), Greg Scherrer (Cell Biology & Physiology), Martin Styner (Psychiatry and Computer), Juan Song (Chair) (Pharmacology), Hyejung Won (Genetics), Mark Zylka (Cell Biology & Physiology)  

Exam Committee – Steve Crews, Chair (Biochemistry & Biophysics, Biology), Richard Cheney (Cell Biology & Physiology), Jay Brenman (Cell Biology & Physiology), Todd Thiele (Psychology)

Neuroscience Admissions Representative – Todd Cohen (Chair, Neurology), Joyce Besheer (Psychiatry), Graham Diering (Cell Biology & Physiology), Serena Dudek (NIEHS), Tim Gershon (Neurology), Adam Hantman (Cell Biology & Physiology), Erin Heinzen (Pharmacy), Melissa Herman (Pharmacology), Toshi Hige (Biology), Hiroyuki Kato (Psychiatry), Zoe McElligott (Pharmacology), Scott Parnell (Cell Biology & Physiology), Kate Reissner (Psychology & Neuroscience), and Celia Shiau (Biology)

First Year Course Director– Jay Brenman (Cell Biology & Physiology)

Neuroscience Student-Invited Speaker Seminar Committee – ManHua Zhu, Rose Glass, Olivia Hon, Nancy Sey, Janay Franklin, Ryan Tyler, Carmen Marable, Hannah Bazick, Felix Kyere, Rahul Patel, Keeley Spiess, Minna Mcfarland, Sofia Neira, Arianna Cascone, Siddhi Ozarkar

Neuroscience Student Council – Questions about the program, rotations, the curriculum, etc. can be sent to the committee email ( or to Sean Gay directly ( For the fastest response send to both.  President: Sean Gay; Members: Maria Magdelena Ortiz, Keeley Spiess, Noah Miller, Sara Conley, Rachel Sharp, Joe Krzeski, Rahul Patel