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Dr. Mark Zylka, Director

Dr. Juan Song, Co-Director

Dr. Jay Brenman, Director of Graduate Studies (DGS)

Sue Modlin, Student Services Manager


Executive Committee – Todd Cohen (Neurology), Mohanish Deshmukh (MD/PhD Program Co-director, Cell Biology & Physiology), Erin Heinzen (School of Pharmacy), Tom Kash (Pharmacology, Director of Alcohol Center), Ben Philpot (Co-Director, Neuroscience Center), Kate Reissner (Psychology and Neuroscience), Donita Robinson (Associate Dean for Graduate Research, Alcohol Center, Psychiatry), Morika Williams (Pathology/Division of Comparative Medicine), Hyejung Won (Genetics), Mark Zylka (Director, Neuroscience Center)

Student Mentoring and Oversight Committee – Eva Anton (Cell Biology & Physiology), Jay Brenman (Cell Biology & Physiology), Flavio Frohlich (Psychiatry), Graham Diering (Cell Biology & Physiology), Ben Philpot (Cell Biology & Physiology), (Kathryn Reissner (Psychology), Greg Scherrer (Cell Biology & Physiology), Martin Styner (Psychiatry and Computer), Juan Song (Chair) (Pharmacology), Hyejung Won (Genetics), Mark Zylka (Cell Biology & Physiology)  

Exam Committee – Richard Cheney (Cell Biology & Physiology), Jay Brenman (Cell Biology & Physiology), Todd Thiele (Psychology)

Neuroscience Admissions Representative – Todd Cohen (Chair, Neurology), Joyce Besheer (Psychiatry), Graham Diering (Cell Biology & Physiology), Serena Dudek (NIEHS), Adam Hantman (Cell Biology & Physiology), Erin Heinzen (Pharmacy), Melissa Herman (Pharmacology), Toshi Hige (Biology), Hiroyuki Kato (Psychiatry), Zoe McElligott (Pharmacology), Scott Parnell (Cell Biology & Physiology), Kate Reissner (Psychology & Neuroscience), and Celia Shiau (Biology)

First Year Course Director– Jay Brenman (Cell Biology & Physiology)

Neuroscience Student Council – Questions about the program, rotations, the curriculum, etc. can be sent to the committee email ( or to Sean Gay directly ( For the fastest response send to both.  President: Sean Gay; Members: Maria Magdelena Ortiz, Keeley Spiess, Noah Miller, Sara Conley, Rachel Sharp, Joe Krzeski