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The University of Minnesota (UMN) has established the “Christopher N. Honda Fellowship in Pain Research” to continue Dr. Honda’s contributions to research and to training future neuroscientists. Chris, who passed away on November 5, 2020, was a professor at UMN for over 30 years and his research focused on peripheral mechanisms of pain and nociception.  The Honda Fellowship will support UMN graduate students during their training in pain research.  Further information is provided at the link below.

Chris graduated from UNC’s Neurobiology (now, Neuroscience) Curriculum in1984.  His PhD thesis was titled “Functional, Morphological and Immunohistochemical Features of the Neuropil Surrounding the Central Canal of the Cat Spinal Cord”.  He was a graduate student with Dr. Ed Perl in what was then the Physiology Department in the UNC School of Medicine. During his years at UNC, he formed lifelong relationships with colleagues and friends.