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PMRD was held on Thursday, May 26th, 2011. PMRD day celebrates excellence in teaching and mentorship, and it was great to see so many students and teachers there! The event was held on campus in MBRB and incorporated student talks and posters. In addition we hosted a faculty dinner with our invited guest. This year’s invited guest was Marc Freeman, an HHMI investigator, who, in addition to his exciting research, is a fantastic speaker and mentor.
Marc Freeman explores the biology of the brain’s most abundant and enigmatic cell type—glia. His laboratory uses Drosophila to explore genetic programs that promote the development and function of specific glial subtypes, especially astrocytes; neuron-glia signaling events that sculpt neural circuit assembly; glial responses to brain injury or disease; and molecular pathways driving axon autodestruction.

Award Winners:

Speaker Award: Liz Buttermore
Speaker Award: Corey Cusack
Faculty Mentor: Ken McCarthy