UNC Eye Medical Student Rotation Application

UNC School of Medicine Rotations

UNC Eye offers formal clinical and research rotations sponsored by the UNC School of Medicine. These are available to both local and visiting medical students during their fourth year of training based on the strength of their application.

Clinical rotations are 4 weeks (approximately 180 hours) in duration and include exposure to the ophthalmology subspecialty of the student’s choice (as available), significant time in the OR, call and consultation experience with our residents, and the opportunity to present to faculty at one of our weekly case conferences.

Research rotations are largely self-coordinated with individual faculty members as available and can vary in length from one month up to one year. Please reference our research interests and contact individual faculty members directly to check availability.

All students wishing to apply for either of these rotations are strongly encouraged to first complete the UNC Eye Medical Student Rotation Application and submit to the UNC Eye Medical Education Coordinator, Alex Maeser, at alexander_maeser@med.unc.edu. Rotations are primarily approved in the winter for the following academic year but are accepted on a rolling basis.

Medical students must also apply through the UNC School of Medicine. Visiting students can visit the UNC School of Medicine Visiting Student page for more information.

Medical students pursuing a residency in ophthalmology and not interested in a formal rotation but who still wish to shadow must also complete the UNC Eye Medical Student Rotation Application and submit to the Medical Education Coordinator, Alex Maeser, when inquiring about availability.