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Professor, Biomedical Engineering Professor, Pharmacology

Research Interests

  • Computational Biology
  • Systems Biology
  • Informatics
  • Cancer

Research Synopsis

Broadly falling into the category of Computational Medicine, my group’s research spans multiple aspects of informatics, while also incorporating components of systems engineering and computational biology. With primary application domains being cancer and infectious disease, a significant portion of our work centers on the integration and analysis of multiple data types for the better understanding of normal and diseased cellular behavior. Examples of research include defining the activation state of the kinome in breast cancer, along with the development of predictive methods for the rational design of combination drug therapies in breast cancer, and the development of automated image analysis tools to quantify multiple aspects of cellular behavior in response to genetic perturbation or drug treatment. We are now also working towards integrating these data sets and models with clinical data so as to aid diagnosis and/or inform treatment options.


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Shawn Gomez, PhD