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The goals of the summer 2020 PPMH Career Explorations in Genomic Medicine Research program were for undergraduate students to expand their knowledge of potential careers related to genomic medicine research and to increase their understanding of what they will need to do to become a member of the genomic medicine research workforce. We also wanted to help students build a supportive network of professionals and colleagues who are working in the field and share their interest in genomics.

This summer program lasted approximately seven weeks. Each week presented students with opportunities to engage with researchers and clinicians who work in various aspects of genomics medicine research. The professionals were drawn from the domains of clinical care, basic science research, informatics, and ELSI (ethical, legal, and social issues). Each professional hosted a 1-hour Zoom conversation with interested students. During these conversations, the professional shared what it is like to do their job and what their education and training path was like. Students had an opportunity to ask questions. We wanted students to be active learners and be open to career paths that resonate with them. This program was carried out remotely, so students could participate from anywhere.


Each of the conversations was recorded, and the recordings were released as a podcast series. This series is available to the public!