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Initiative Leader

About the Initiative

The PARADIGM initiative has a three-part mission:

  1. To carry out advocacy efforts among members of underrepresented communities to increase understanding about and uptake of genomic sequencing in health care.
  2. To raise awareness about careers in genomic medicine and foster diverse trainees entering genomics-related training paths
  3. To conduct research that identifies and addresses disparities in genomic medicine.

Educational Outreach Modules

PARADIGM, in collaboration with the Clinical Genome Resource, builds partnerships primarily across minority-serving academic institutions to collaboratively promote awareness and student interest to pursue careers that will contribute to diversity in the biomedical workforce. The following modules have been developed to present to college students, introducing them to Genetics and Genomics and highlighting potential career options related to the field.


Heredity and Family History

Introduces basic genetic concepts and highlights the importance of family history and the role of heredity in the transmission of traits.

Genes, Health, and Disease

Provides a background to the history of diseases, the growth of gene-disease relationship, and explains how genes influence or impact health.

Genetic Testing

Discusses the sources of genetic variation, and details different types of genetic testing with examples.

Race, Society, and Genetics

Explains identity and presents the connection between race and science over time.

Presentations can be scheduled as part of Biology course class presentations, seminar series, or career talks at local HBCU’s, Community Colleges, and will later include NC High Schools.

Connect with us to learn more and to request a presentation at your school.