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Farm at Penny Lane

A 40 acre facility that is home to holistic and sustainable alternative recovery programs. Includes a large growing area, heritage-breed chickens, beehives, a learning kitchen and walking trail.


Current Recovery Programs

Weekly group-based activities hosted by the UNC Farm at Penny Lane, focused around promoting overall health and well-being for adults living with serious mental health.

cooking class

Brushes with Life Arts Program

A creative arts program for individuals with mental illness utilizing creative art practices to promote healing and recovery.

impressionist style artwork with a tree and sun

Bunny Village

A space where rabbits are available as an aid in client therapy sessions as emotional support for those involved with The Farm at Penny Lane.

Horticultural Therapy Program

A complementary therapy using plants and gardening to promote health and wellness.

basket of vegetables and flowers

PAWS: Peer Assisted Wellness Support

Innovative recovery program where clients train shelter dogs in performing basic obedience skills, with dogs ultimately being placed in forever homes.