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The Closeout process, which is completed in the eRA Commons, consists of three sections:

  1. Federal Financial Report (FFR) – Contact for help
  2. Final Invention Statement (FIS) – Contact for help
  3. Final Research Performance Progress Report (FRPPR) – Contact for help

The information below will focus on the Final Research Performance Progress Report (FRPPR).
Although the PI must be aware of the “Interim-RPPR” (IRPPR) application while a renewal application is under consideration.

While the format of the FRPPR is the same as the current annual RPPR you need to be aware of three things

  1. The NIH has recently enabled the “Delegate Authority” feature on the FRPPR
    1. This means that the departmental staff that has assisted the PI on the annual RPPR will continue to be able to assist the PI with the FRPPR:
      1. initiate the FRPPR
      2. input data into the FRPPR
      3. and route the FRPPR to the UNC Signing Official
  2. The FRPPR must be submitted by a UNC Signing Official (eRA COMMONS SO Role).
    1. The PI should NOT submit the FRPPR  even though the submit button is active as the NIH is looking for a submission from a UNC Signing Official.
    2. The PI should route the FRPPR to the Grants Analyst assigned to support your department. 
    3. The PI should contact the Sponsored Programs Office if they have any questions. via email ( )
  3. No RAMSeS IPF is required

Instructions from NIH about how to initiate and submit your FRPPR can be found in two locations.

  1. Direct link to eRA Commons (with screen shots)
  2. Beginning on page 190 in the eRA Commons User Guide

On the Cover Page of the FRPPR, most information is prepopulated. You will need to know:

  • For the Signing Official Information select the Grants Analyst assigned to support your department. 
  • For the Administrative Official Information select  R David Paul.