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SPO Outreach Initiative

Under the leadership direction of the Sponsored Programs Office Director, Sherry Whitaker, the SPO Outreach Initiative was conceived and implemented.

The intent of this initiative is to provide the department with individual guidance, training and assistance on proposal/budget preparations. This is not to take away from the assistance provided by the Grants Analyst, rather it will enhance the departments foundation of knowledge as they prepare to submit the proposals and ultimately, a successful application submission with the help of the Grants Analyst.

Please consider asking for outreach assistance if you have a

  • Complex project that your team has not submitted before
  • Budget situations that are uncommon for your team such as
    • Budget period less than 12 months
    • Personnel with 9 month appointments
    • Personnel less than 1 FTE
  • Questions applying the rules and regulations to your proposal situation

The SPO Outreach Initiative includes making “House Calls via Zoom” to individuals or to groups.

Call or email the main office number or contact Jim Kenny directly.