Please click one of the buttons below to request a biostatistician, a database manager, or to contact pre-award services. Please be mindful of the given timelines for research support requests.

Pre-Award Support:

  • Kick-off meeting with Principal Investigator
  • Budget development
  • Compile grant sections
  • Coordinate with outside institutions for subcontract paperwork
  • Submissions through Cayuse or paper filing as appropriate
  • Submissions of UNCCH subcontracts to other institutions
  • Submissions of RAMSES proposals
  • Submissions of JIT documentation requests
  • Review biosketches for formatting and addition of PMCID numbers

Timelines for Requests:

  • Grants (12 weeks min)
  • Outgoing Subcontracts (4 weeks min)

  • Kick-off meeting with Principal Investigator
  • Establishing cost of protocol
  • Navigating the Office of Clinical Trials (OCT) approval process
  • Recruitment and enrollment tracking
  • Monitoring financial health of trials
  • RAMSES submission

  • Conducting analyses using electronic medical records (EMR) and national discharge, claims, and surveillance databases
  • Statistical analyses
  • Designing studies and writing up research proposals/grants
  • Modifying and updating current databases
  • Merging or linking databases
  • FAQs and Available Databases

Timelines for Requests:

  • Abstracts (4-6 weeks min)
  • Publications (6-10 weeks min)
  • Grants (4-6 weeks min)

The Department of Surgery is collaborating with the North Carolina Translational and Clinical Sciences Institute (NC TraCS) to provide biostatisticial consultations and support to our investigators. Please contact the Biostatistics Team directly for more information about timelines for the following requests:

  • Abstracts
  • Publications
  • Grants

Clinical librarian and liaison from the Health Sciences Library. Provides support for evidence-based practice and research, including

  • Focused or comprehensive literature searching
  • Critically appraising evidence
  • Collaborating on systematic reviews
  • Advice on presenting/publishing results
  • Education on research tools and resources, including searching PubMed and other literature databases, SPIN for finding funding sources, Covidence for systematic reviews, and citation management software.

To request systematic review assistance, please complete the online request form. For any other requests, contact Rebecca at

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