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It is with pleasure that we announce our new 1-year Endourology/Minimally-Invasive Surgery Fellowship sponsored by the Endourological Society. The fellowship provides advanced training in endourology/reconstructive robotic surgery in a department nationally renowned for its dedicated educators and impactful research.

Clinical Training

The fellowship is a 1-year advanced clinical training program accredited by the Endourological Society. The fellowship offers the opportunity to pursue customized advanced instruction in endourology and robotics. Kidney stone training includes complex standard and miniaturized percutaneous surgery with fluoroscopic and ultrasound guidance in supine and prone positions as well as metabolic stone prevention. BPH training includes HoLEP and robotic simple prostatectomy. Robotic training additionally focuses on the management of benign disease via upper and lower tract reconstructive procedures.

Training in the UNC Urology Endourological Fellowship prepares graduates to be leaders in endourology, minimally invasive urologic surgery, primary and secondary research methods, and education in community or academic urology practice.

Application Process

Interested applicants should contact Aleasha Crisp via email and provide a CV, letter of interest, and two letters of recommendation. Applications for the 2023 cycle are due by Monday, April 3, 2023.

For more details please contact
Aleasha Crisp
Project Coordinator of Education
UNC School of Medicine | Department of Urology
Physicians Office Building
170 Manning Drive, Campus Box #7235
Chapel Hill, NC 27599-7235
(P) 919-966-2573 | (F) 919-843-5956