Where are they now?

Graduates of our residency program are practicing all over the United States. Here's a list of those who completed their training in the past five years:

Mihir Patel ('13)
2013-2014: Head & Neck Fellowship at Univ of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, PA. 

Scott Shadfar ('13)
2013-2014: Facial Plastics Fellowship at Indiana University.

Jessica Smyth ('13)
2013-2014: Military fulfillment – Womack Army Medical Ctr – Ft. Bragg, NC

Yu-Tung Wong ('13)
2013-2014: Neurotology Fellowship at UC-Davis, CA. 

Rose J. Eapen, MD ('12)
2012 -2013: Advanced Pediatric Otolaryngology Training, UNC-Chapel Hill
2013 - present: Faculty at Duke University Medical Center, Durham, NC 

Rupali N. Shah ('12)
2012 - 2013: Laryngology Fellowship at Mt. Sinai, NY. 
2013 - present: Assistant Professor of Division of Voice and Swallowing Disorders in the Department of Otolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery at UNC-Chapel Hill

Joshua Surowitz ('12)
2012-2013: Facial Plastics Fellowship at Stanford Univ, CA. 
2013 - present: In private practice in Cary, NC with Cynthia Gregg, MD

Maher Younes ('12) 
2012-2013: Facial Plastics Fellowship at Virginia Commonwealth University, Richmond, VA
2013 - present: Medical Director of Iowa Facial Plastics, LLC

Deidra Blanks ('11)
2011- 2012: Facial Plastics Fellowship at Univ of Missouri. 
2012- present: In private practice for self in Wilmington, NC

Mitchell Gore ('11)
2011- 2012: Rhinology Fellowship at UNC-CH. 
2012- present: In private practice in Greensboro, NC

Paula Harmon ('11)
2011-2012: Pediatric Fellowship at Univ of Alabama. 
2012- present: Faculty at Emory Univ, GA.

Michael Stadler ('11)
2011-2012: Head & Neck Fellowship at Washington Univ in St. Louis, MO. 
2012- present: Assistant Professor for Head and Neck Oncology at Cancer Center - Froedtert Hospital, Milwaukee WI

Gregory Basura ('10)
2010-2011: Neurotology Fellowship at Univ of Michigan. 
2011- present: Faculty at Univ of Michigan.

Trinitia Cannon ('10)
2010-2011: Head & Neck Fellowship at MUSC (SC). 
2011 - present: Faculty at Univ of Oklahoma.

Keith Ladner ('10)
2010-2011: Facial Plastics Fellowship at USF (Tampa). 
2011- present: In private practice in Englewood, CO

Alisha West ('10)
2010-2011: Pediatric Fellowship at UNC-CH. 
2011- present: Faculty at UCLA.

Paul Bryson ('09)
2009-2010: Laryngology Fellowship in Boston, MA. 
2010- present: Faculty at Cleveland Clinic, OH.

Derek Leight ('09)
2009-2010: Rhinology Fellowship at Univ of Nebraska. 
2010- present: Faculty at Boystown, Univ of Nebraska.

Allen Marshall ('09)
No fellowship. 
On faculty at WakeMed Dept of Otolaryngology.

Charles Ebert ('09)
2009-2010: Rhinology Fellowship at Medical College of Ga. 
2010- present: Associate Professor of Otolaryngology/Head and Neck Surgery at UNC-Chapel Hill 


The cover of our 2004 Annual Report features otolaryngologists who trained through our program.

AR2004 Cover

AR2004 Names