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UNC Otolaryngology/Head & Neck Surgery is dedicated to developing and maintaining strong working relationships with referring health care professionals and to making the referral process as efficient as possible.ENT Surgeons at UNC Health in North Carolina

We also recognize the importance of the relationship that you have with your patients. We seek to honor that relationship by providing the best possible care for your patients and by keeping you informed of your patients’ care.

How to Refer a Patient to UNC ENT:

To refer a patient to our clinic, please fax their health records related to the referral, demographics and a face sheet, if requested, with the diagnosis and physicians name. For URGENT referrals, please fax the appropriate documents and contact the appropriate clinic directly to help expedite this process. Please be aware some insurance companies will require a referral or prior approval before we can schedule an appointment. All authorizations should be expedited by the referring provider.

If patients have had any scans or radiology test performed related to the diagnosis, please make sure these are provided to the patient prior to their appointment and they are made aware these are pertinent to bring to their appointment.

If you are a referring physician, please contact the appropriate scheduling office.

Tumors or Cancers of the Head and Neck:
Phone: (984) 974-6484
Fax: (984) 974-2607three doctors in the OR dressed in scrubs looking at a screen with the visual from the endoscope in the patients nose

Adult Cochlear Implants:
Phone: (984)-974-2599
Fax: (984)-215-3058

Pediatric Cochlear Implants and Mobile Unit:
Phone: (919)-419-1449
Fax: (919)-419-1399

All Other ENT Referrals:
Phone: (984) 974-6484
Fax: (984) 974-3499