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So, you want to do research in Otolaryngology/HNS at UNC…

There are lots of opportunities to do research in our department, from short-term mentored experiences to multi-year investigator-led projects.  This page is intended to get your started, with tips on applying for funding, getting approval to conduct your research, and dissemination of results.  Please let us know if you would like to see any other topics or information!


Apply for Funding

Common sources of funding for research in Otolaryngology/HNS include the following:

Applications for funding must be submitted through UNC’s Office of Sponsored Research. This website is a great resource, with all the current information you will need to prepare and submit an application.

Our Research Administrator, Whitney Davis (, will help you navigate this process. Let her know as soon as decide that you want to submit a proposal.  Giving everyone advance notice will help ensure that the process works smoothly. Grant submission requests must be submitted through RASR(new proposal). The Finance & Research Support Team (FiRST) lists the policies on grant submissions.


Getting approval to conduct research


Federal, state, and local laws are in place protect research subjects.  The university offers training and provides oversight to ensure that we are in compliance. Those resources are the following:

  • The Feasibility Assessment Tool (FeAT, coming soon), will help you evaluate the factors that affect success of your project.
  • CITI Program Training demonstrates familiarity with the principles of responsible conduct of research.
  • Research involving human participants (e.g., drug or device studies) may require additional training in clinical research.
  • Protocols for research involving human subjects must be approved by UNC’s Institutional Review Board.
  • Research protocols for research involving animals must be approved by UNC’s Institutional Animal Care and Use Committee.


Submitting industry-sponsored contracts


Draft industry-sponsored contracts and budgets must be submitted and approved through the following system(s):