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Calendar of Mobile Hearing Unit


Mockup of mobile unit



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or contact our Director of Clinical Operations, Hannah Eskridge:
(Office) 984-215-4594


Patient Care

  • Non-sedated screening and diagnostic Auditory Brainstem Response (ABR)
  • Behavioral audiograms for patients 6 months and older
  • Hearing Aid fitting and maintenance
  • Cochlear Implant mapping and troubleshooting
  • Speech and Language evaluations
  • Auditory rehabilitation
  • Listening and spoken language therapy
  • Offer above patient care in collaboration with UNC hospitals and community based clinics in outlying


  • Community-based events to provide family education and outreach related to the development of listening, speech, language and literacy.
  • Audiology and speech- language pathology graduate student training
  • Professional mentoring and coaching for local teachers of the deaf, audiologists


  • Expand recruitment in clinical research studies related to hearing loss
  • Translate research findings to a greater population including rural communities
  • Implement clinical research protocols in local communities for greater access and increased diversity in research


Calendar of Mobile Hearing Unit