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The OoR will help with multidisciplinary grant applications such as training grants, instrumentation grants, program projects, etc.  We have some information we update annually that is available below.  If you have questions, please feel free to contact , or .

UNC T32 Table - an excel spreadsheet of the active NIH T32s at UNC.  It includes all of the information needed to do Table 3 for T32 applications.

This is a flexible formula.  Individual distributions can be agreed upon by units for individual projects and/or PIs.
50% - to the unit providing space
25% - to the unit responsible for salary
25% - to the unit providing administrative support
For any disputed cases the Vice Dean for Research will act as the Mediator. 

UNC SIG Awards past 5 years - an excel spreadsheet of the required information on all UNC SIG awards for the past 5 years is posted here.  Contact  if you have questions.

The UNC TraCS has samples of different types of successful grant application.  They can be accessed by clicking here.

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