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General Requirements

  • Complete BBSP requirements
  • Residency: be in residence at least 4 semesters
  • Course Load: carry at least 9 credits per semester for two years
  • Exams: pass both oral and written comprehensive exams
  • Defense: successfully defend dissertation
  • Teaching: serve one semester as a teaching assistant
  • Publication: complete original research accepted as first-authored publications in high quality, peer-reviewed journals

Course Requirements

See each track (Biochemistry Track or Biophysics Track) for track specific requirements. All students require:

I. Departmental Cores:

  • BIOC 701 (Biochemistry track) OR BIOC 704 (Biophysics track)
  • BIOC 712 – Scientific Writing
  • BIOC 715 – Oral Presentation

II. Research Courses:

  • BBSP 705 Rigor and Reproducibility (1st year)
  • GNET 888 (Biochemistry track) or BIOC 888 (Biophysics track) Responsible Conduct for Research