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Fulfill departmental requirements

For TA opportunities, select one of the following:

  • TA in BIOC 107, 108 or 631 for noncredit
  • TA in BIOC 107 or 108 for 2 credit hrs via BIOC 703
  • TA in other science departments on campus (e.g. Biology) with documentation of satisfactory performance

Course Requirements – (term, # of credit hours in parentheses)

Required Track Cores

Complete 6 credit hours from the core course options listed below:

Molecular and Cell Biology
BIOC 631 Advanced Molecular Biology I (Spring, 4) (required)
BIOC 706 Biochemistry of Human Disease (Fall, 3)
BIOC 740-745 Contemporary Topics in Cell Signaling (Spring, 1) *740-742 offered in odd years and 743-745 in even years
BIOC 650-652 Biophysics core courses (Fall, 1 credit each)


Complete an additional 2 courses (or a minimum of 4 credit hours)

Choose from any graduate-level course in a discipline supportive of biomedical research training (can include list of cores above, but courses taken as a core requirement in the department and BBSP cannot count as an elective). Suggested electives listed below are examples of coursework that would satisfy the elective requirements.

Suggested Electives

  • Physical Biochemistry – Choose from modules listed in the Biophysics Program Modules
  • BIOC 722 Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology (Fall, 2) – combined course w/NBIO 722
  • BIOC 700 Origins of Life (Spring, 2)
  • BIOC 805 Molecular Modeling (Fall, 3) – combined course w/MEDC 805
  • CHEM 733 (Special topics course) Advances in Macromolecular Structure and Function (Fall, 3)
  • MCRO 614 Immunobiology (Fall, 3)
  • MCRO 630 Virology (Fall, 3)

More information on the Graduate School’s Ph.D. Degree Requirements and Admission to Candidacy can be found in the Graduate School Handbook.