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Fulfill departmental requirements

For TA opportunities, select one of the following:

  • TA in BIOC 107, 108, 631 or 632 for noncredit
  • TA in BIOC 107 or 108 for 2 credit hrs via BIOC 703
  • TA in other science departments on campus (e.g. Biology) with documentation of satisfactory performance

Course Requirements – (term, # of credit hours in parentheses)

Required Track Cores

Complete 6 credit hours from the core course options listed below:

Molecular and Cell Biology
BIOC 631 Advanced Molecular Biology I (Fall, 3)
BIOC 632 Advanced Molecular Biology II (Spring, 3)
(at least one of 631 and 632 required)

BIOC 706 Biochemistry of Human Disease (Fall, 3)
Choose three from these modules to equal 1 core:
BIOC 740-745 Contemporary Topics in Cell Signaling (Spring, 1) *740-742 offered in odd years and 743-745 in even years


Complete an additional 2 courses (or a minimum of 4 credit hours)

Choose from any graduate-level course in a discipline supportive of biomedical research training (can include list of cores above, but courses taken as a core requirement in the department and BBSP cannot count as an elective). Suggested electives listed below are examples of coursework that would satisfy the elective requirements.

Suggested Electives

  • Physical Biochemistry – Choose from modules listed in the Biophysics Program Modules
  • BIOC 722 Cellular and Molecular Neurobiology (Fall, 2) – combined course w/NBIO 722
  • BIOC 700 Origins of Life (Spring, 2)
  • BIOC 805 Molecular Modeling (Fall, 3) – combined course w/MEDC 805
  • CHEM 733 (Special topics course) Advances in Macromolecular Structure and Function (Fall, 3)
  • MCRO 614 Immunobiology (Fall, 3)
  • MCRO 630 Virology (Fall, 3)

More information on the Graduate School’s Ph.D. Degree Requirements and Admission to Candidacy can be found in the Graduate School Handbook.