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Steve Woosuk Hur

January 11, 2024

Steve Hur, PhD lead author in Blood paper: Mice expressing nonpolymerizable fibrinogen have reduced arterial and venous thrombosis with preserved hemostasis

Paper published in Blood documenting how a nonpolymerizable fibrinogen can protect against thrombosis without compromising hemostasis. This work was featured on the cover and designated a Plenary Paper by the journal. An image of the cover is attached. Here is a link to the article: The lead author on this work was Woosuk Steve Hur. …

September 5, 2023

Stephan Moll, MD & Jacquelin Baskin-Miller, MD Published in New England Journal of Medicine

UNC BRC faculty members Dr. Stephan Moll (adult hematology) and Dr. Baskin-Miller pediatric Hematology-Oncology) and a former UNC Hematology-Oncology trainee (Dr. Alison Raybould, Richmond, VA)) co-authored a recent New England Journal of Medicine publication of a collaborative investigation documenting an association of adeno virus infection with an anti-platelet-factor-4 (PF4) antibody disorder with severe thrombocytopenia and …