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Educational Video Lectures

Caltech Cryo-EM course by Dr. Grant Jenson

National Resource for Automated Molecular Microscopy (NRAMM) and the Simons Electron Microscopy Center (SEMC) at the New York Structural Biology Center videos

MRC Molecular Biology Laboratory CryoEM course

Online Training and Learning

MYSCOPE Microscopy Training

An online learning environment for electron microscopy and other imaging techniques.  Covers the theory, instrument design, applications, and practicals to test your knowledge.  Highly recommend it for people interested in learning TEM.

Electron Microscopy Terms

Comprehensive list of microscopy terms from JEOL Ltd.  This site contains a glossary of 800 terms, with illustrations and technical information.  New terms are constantly being added or updated.  A great resource for learning and for teaching cryoEM.

CryoEM 101

An online cryoEM learning environment in the format of a textbook.  Covers the basis of sample purification, cryo-grid preparation, screening, data collection, and image processing.  A great resource for people interested in getting started in single-particle cryoEM.

Software for CryoEM image processing










How to process your data without a GPU Linux Workstation

Process data on a virtual machine

Process data on the Dogwood computer cluster

Turn-key Linux Workstations for CryoEM Application

Single Particle LLC 


TEM Grids for CryoEM

We typically use TEM grids with hole size and spacing of R1.2/1.3 or R0.6/1.  We prefer to use copper or gold 300 mesh TEM grids but 200, and 400 mesh will also work fine for single-particle cryoEM.  TEM grids with regular spaced holes can be purchased from vendors like EMS or Tedpella or direct from the manufacturers Quantifoil or Protochips.



Software for data acquisition.

To collect data on the UNC Talos Arctica we use the software package SerialEM.


UNC CryoEM Core SerialEM Tutorial from the UNC CryoEM Journal Club