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The centerpiece of the CryoEM Core Facility includes a 200 Kv Thermo Fisher Scientific Talos Arctica G3 TEM and Gatan K3 direct electron detector:

Thermo Fisher Scientific Talos Arctica G3

  • 200 kV transmission electron microscope.
  • Schottkey Emitter.
  • Two Condenser Lens system.
  • Constant power C-Twin object lens with Cs = 2.7 mm.
  • Autoloader capable of holding 12 cartridges.
  • Ceta 4096 x 4096 pixel CMSO CCD.
  • Gatan K3 5,760 x 4,092 pixel direct electron detector.
  • Automative data collection using SerialEM.
  • Capable of obtaining near atomic resolution for single-particle cryoEM.  Benchmarked with Apoferritin sample 2.0 Å resolution based on FSC=1.34.
  • Routinely used for screening cryo-grids and single-particle cryoEM data collection.
  • Can be reserved on iLAB

Vitrobot Mark IV

Used to prepare cryo-grids by rapid immersion in liquid ethane.
Located in Glaxo Research Building room 011 across the hall from the Talos Arctica.

Can be reserved using the iLab.


Pelco easiGlow

Used to render TEM grids hydrophilic by glow discharging (plasma cleaning with air).

Located in the cryo-pre room across the hall from the microscope control room.


Tergeo-EM plasma cleaner

Plasma cleaner capable of producing indirect or direct plasma derived from argon and oxygen.  Used to render UltrAufoil and Quantifiol TEM grids hydrophilic.

Thermo Fisher Biocain 34

Liquid nitrogen dewar used for long-term storage of cryo-grids.
Maintained by the cryoEM Core Staff.
Can accommodate 6 cains (60 pucks:600 cryogrid boxes: 2,400 cryogrids).
If you like to store your samples at the core please let us know.

Denton Table Top Turbo….coming soon…