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Preparing Cryo-Grids With The Vitrobot Mark IV.

We use this protocol to prepare cryo-grids of purified protein completes, nano-particles, and virus-like particles.  If you like to learn how to prepare cryo-grids or need assistance operating the Vitrobot please contact us.

Vitrobot Protocol 20211015

Operating the Talos Artica using SerialEM.

We use this protocol to operate the Talos Artica for single-particle cryoEM.  We routinely use the microscope for screening and data collection.  If you like to learn how to operate the microscope please contact us directly. 20210804_Talos_Arctica

Preparing Graphene Oxide TEM Grids.

We use this protocol to transfer a single mono-layer of graphene oxide (GO) onto Quantofil TEM grids for cryoEM applications.  This includes single-particle cryoEM of purified protein complexes as well as liposomes or nanoparticles.  If you would like to learn how to prepare your own GO TEM grids or would like to like the Core to prepare some GO TEM grids for you please contact us directly.