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UNC CryoEM Core Rigor and Reproducibility Commitment

The CryoEM Core is committed to providing researchers advice, training, access to equipment, and services for high-resolution cryoEM.  There are several ways we contribute to scientific rigor and reproducibility.

  • The microscope is routinely maintained, aligned, and benchmarked with a biological sample to ensure data quality.
  • Data collected on the microscope is processed on-the-fly to assess data quality. The raw and pre-processed data is provided to researchers.
  • Equipment used for specimen preparation is maintained, tested, and benchmarked with a biological sample to ensure it is in working order.
  • If we notice an error or malfunction in the equipment, microscope, or software that compromises data quality, we will contact those affected and work to fix the problem as quickly as possible.
  • We provide SOPs for the operation of CryoEM Core equipment, including the Vitrobot and Talos Arctica.
  • A CryoEM Core Staff member is on-site during normal working hours and available to assist users if they require help.
  • We offer training for the electron microscope and specimen preparation for single-particle cryoEM.
  • We offer assistance in grant writing, and for preparing the method section of a scientific paper.
  • We offer assistance in project planning and consultation for researchers interested in starting a cryoEM project.