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Application Process

The request for an adjunct faculty appointment must be made in writing to the Chair of the Department and include the following.

A. Rationale and area of focus for appointment

  1. Brief statement of the rationale for the appointment
  2. Detailed explanation of the ways (research, students, teaching, service, etc.) in which the applicant seeks to engage the Department over the next three years
  3. Key words describing the applicant’s area of interest to be used in Department database and posted on its website
  4. Name of sponsor
  5. Updated curriculum vitae

B. Department Sponsor

  1. The applicant is responsible for identifying and communicating with a potential sponsor in the Department in advance of the application and will name their sponsor in their letter to the Chair.
  2. A sponsor is a faculty member with a full or joint appointment in the Department of Emergency Medicine.
  3. Responsibilities of the sponsor include serving as the applicant’s point of communication with the Department and facilitating the applicant’s involvement in research, teaching, or service as designated sponsor will be submitted with the online adjunct application form.
  4. The letter of support will include specific plans for departmental interactions.

The adjunct faculty application can be completed by selecting the button below:

Process for Reviewing Requests for Appointment

  1. The Chair of the Department reviews the application and verifies the support from the applicant’s sponsor
  2. Applications for appointment are reviewed by the full professors
  3. Full professors evaluate the applicant based on the applicant’s rationale for appointment
  4. Full professors assess the applicant’s potential for meaningful engagement in Department’s academic activities
  5. Full professors make recommendations to the Chair who makes the final decision concerning approval
  6. Adjunct faculty appointments are for a period of three years
  7. The letter affirming appointment will specify that renewal is contingent on demonstration of meaningful engagement in Department activities over the prior three year period (as defined below)
  8. Rank of the appointment will be assigned by the Chair

Criteria for Maintaining an Adjunct Appointment

  1. Reappointment is based on adjunct faculty’s demonstration of meaningful involvement in the Department
  2. Meaningful involvement is defined as connections with the Department that are recurring and substantive
  3. Adjunct faculty are not required to be involved in all the areas listed below. However, adjunct faculty should engage in at least one activity per year and that activity recurs over the duration of the appointment period. The list of activities below is not exhaustive and adjunct faculty are encouraged to communicate with their sponsor to identify other appropriate opportunities for involvement if desired.
  4. Opportunities for meaningful involvement include but are not limited to any of the activities listed below
    1. Teaching
      1. Presenting a lecture at resident conference at least once a year
      2. Actively teaching medical students
      3. Supervising resident or medical student clinical work
      4. Seminar speaker
    2. Research
      1. Research collaboration on grants or papers with Department faculty
      2. Consultant on research projects
    3. Service
      1. Involvement in faculty searches or student recruitment
      2. Membership on committees as appropriate

Adjunct Faculty Engagement

  1. A list of adjunct faculty areas of expertise (using the key words they provide in their application letter) will be circulated and maintained on Department web space with search capability for students and faculty
  2. Sponsors and adjuncts should connect at least once a year to review current and planned activities. Adjunct faculty are expected to contact their sponsor at least once per year to discuss mechanisms for involvement
  3. Once per year, the Executive Vice Chair will report at a faculty meeting on new adjunct appointments made, examples of adjunct faculty involvement, and future plans to enhance adjunct faculty participation

Requests for Reappointment

The adjunct faculty will be contacted by the Department Chair at the three year anniversary of appointment and will be asked to provide a summary of activities and accomplishments (research, teaching, service) associated with the department during the past three years. The reappointment form can be completed by selecting the button below:

This report will be reviewed by the Chair, sponsor, and the department’s full professors. If a sustained and meaningful involvement with the Department over the three year period is not identified, a notice will be sent informing the appointee