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Pronouns: He/him/his

Hometown: Omaha, Nebraska

Undergraduate: Emory University

MD: Washington University in St. Louis

Residency: Texas Tech University

Hobbies: Running, Soccer, Canoeing, Hiking

Why Otolaryngology/ Facial Plastic Surgery?

The head and neck is an area of the body patients are highly aware of both functionally and aesthetically, thus working with patients to improve their quality of life in this regard is especially rewarding for patient and provider. Facial plastic surgery keeps to the principles and techniques taught in Otolaryngology (form, function), and expands onto new and unique challenges with patients, often requiring an additional level of shared decision making, expectations discussions, and often need for creative solutions.

Why UNC?

Faculty motivated and enthusiastic to teach and the especially strong Facial nerve, Rhinoplasty, and periorbital surgical training offered here

Recent Publications:

For recent publications, please visit Dr. Varman’s PubMed listing