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PGY4 – T32 Research Track — Class of 2027

Pronouns: She/her/hers
Hometown: O’Fallon, IL
Undergraduate Degree: University of Notre Dame
MD: University of Illinois College of Medicine at Chicago
Hobbies: Running, cooking and baking (my Insta story is usually full of meal prepping and pies), eating and hiking my way across the Triangle, exploring new breweries, watching all the sports 

Why Otolaryngology?

I love that otolaryngology is a specialty with breadth.  It allows you to operate on patients of all ages on pathologies across multiple organ systems, and the skill sets are so wide-ranging.  It’s also a dynamic field that’s constantly growing and adding new disciplines, so I will never be bored as an otolaryngologist!

Why UNC?

As someone interested in the research track, I wanted to train at an institution with excellent surgical/clinical training that also has a strong research presence.  UNC absolutely fit that description.  The surgical volume here is enormous, and I also have the opportunity to spend two years conducting research at a leading research institution.

The structure of the T32 was also appealing because we not only have two years of dedicated research, but we also have six months at the end of our residency to enhance our training however we see fit.  My co-residents do amazing work in the hospital and in the research world, and they’re also a very fun, supportive group.  Plus it’s hard to beat living in the Triangle!

Recent Publications:

For recent publications, please visit Dr. Russel’s PubMed listing.