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Ear surgery techniques traditionally use a microscope for visualization of the ear drum and middle ear structures and for removal of ear disease. Depending on the severity and location of the disease, this often requires making an incision and removing bone behind the ear. However, a minimally-invasive approach has emerged that uses a small telescope called an endoscope to perform ear surgery, instead of using a microscope. This provides a much wider view of the ear structures and can typically be performed through the ear canal. This often eliminates the need for an incision and dissection behind the ear, and the entire procedure can be performed through a small incision in the ear canal. Endoscopic ear surgery can also reduce the need to remove the bone behind the ear. Current research has shown that endoscopic techniques achieve equivalent results to microscopic techniques, but are more minimally invasive and could result in fewer incisions, less dissection, and less postoperative pain.

Not all ear disease is amenable to removal with endoscopic ear surgery, so please call 984-974-6484 to arrange a consultation to learn more.