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The “Butterfly Graft” is a functional nasal procedure that Dr. J. Madison Clark has helped to develop and refine. Dr. Clark teaches the procedure to other nasal surgeons locally, regionally, and nationally. He has performed more of these procedures than anyone in this part of the country.

The simplest way to describe the procedure is as an internal “Breathe-Right” strip. The graft is taken from the ear but doesn’t change the shape of the ear appreciably. It is usually intended that the graft not change the appearance of the nose, but it can be performed along with procedures that improve the aesthetic appearance of the nose (rhinoplasty).

The procedure is usually done under general anesthesia and takes about an hour to an hour and a half. All patients go home the same day, then return to the office the following morning to have the ear dressing removed. Most patients require very little pain medicine-the average patient takes between one and three “pain pills”. Most patients experience some congestion for about a week to ten days because the swelling is primarily confined to the inside of the nose. Patients typically return to work on Monday (following surgery on Thursday).

Butterfly Graft

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