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Supplies Needed:

Humidifier, Neil Med Sinus Rinse Kit (bottle and packets), Distilled Water, and Nasal Steroid.

Instructions for Care:

Begin using your Neil Med Sinus Rinse twice a day each nostril, per instructions on bottle. Wait at least 5 minutes after rinse, and then use your nasal steroid twice a day for each nostril. It is important to remember that when spraying the nasal steroid into your nostril that you are aiming outward towards your ear. It is easy to facilitate this process if you use your opposite hand to opposite nostril (right hand for left nostril and visa-versa). The humidifier should be placed on your nightstand or table closest to where you are sleeping or spending most of your time. The humidifier helps to reduce the amount of crusting you have postoperatively.

We encourage you to avoid bending over (with head below your heart), heavy lifting, and strenuous physical activity within the first week postoperatively due to bleeding). Then, you may gradually resume your normal activity level.

We also encourage you to avoid blowing your nose for about a week postop.

What to expect:

Bleeding from the nose is expected, especially during the first 24 hours. Breathing “in through the nose and out through the nose” helps the bleeding stop.

Potential side effects of the pain medication prescribed are nausea, vomiting, and constipation. We encourage you to take this medication on a full stomach, and to stay well hydrated, preferably with water. If you experience vomiting with the pain medication please stop the medication and notify the office. You may also take an OTC stool softener in addition to the pain medication, to offset the constipating side effect.

Congestion is expected until your first post-op visit. At this visit your nose will be sprayed with numbing medication and a decongestant, this will allow Dr. Clark to remove crusting and drainage from your nose. At the end of this visit your breathing should improve dramatically. Anticipate returning to the clinic in about 1-2 weeks for your next visit. With each visit your breathing will continue to improve.

In general, we ask that you continue your nasal rinses (Neil Med) and Nasal Steroid for about 3 months after surgery.

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