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Our approach to cosmetic surgery is unique among plastic surgeons. We do not advertise, nor do we try to “push” patients into seeing us from the internet.  Our philosophy is founded in safety and patient education, NOT selling plastic surgery to patients.

The strength of our approach is in achieving natural results, that is enhancing your own individual beauty/handsomeness. Your face is unlike any other, and the exact surgical approach to enhancement is highly individualized, NOT a “one size fits all”.

We feel that cosmetic surgery should be treated as seriously as any other elective surgery-the risks must be weighed against the benefits. Both will be discussed in your consultation with us. All of your questions will be answered, and our goal is for when you leave our office, you are confident that you have all of the information to make a truly informed decision about your cosmetic surgery.

About being “teachers”…we are at a “Teaching Institution”, and we do teach other surgeons to help make them better surgeons-we give lectures at national and international meetings and have visiting surgeons observe our techniques in the operating room. As part of our teaching mission, we also have various levels of trainees working with us, from medical students to residents to fellows.  They ask us probing questions that make us analyze why we do things certain ways in certain patients or circumstances, and that MAKES US BETTER every day!  We appreciate that challenge, but we assure our cosmetic patients that since you come to see us for our expertise, we are “in charge” of our team, and you decide how much you will allow the team to be involved in your consultation and treatment.