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The art of reshaping the ears is more than “pinning the ears back”. It most commonly involves recreating the natural curve of the top of the ear and conservative reduction in the protruding cartilage in the middle of the ear. Other contributing factors may be present, and our surgeons will analyze the structures critically and carefully to determine the optimal surgical plan.

The goal of ear reshaping is to create natural-looking ears that don’t “stand out”. They shouldn’t be too close to the head because that is as unnatural as sticking out too far. They should have natural-looking curves or “hills and valleys” of the typical ear. There are different approaches to achieve the desired reshaping and the tradeoffs of each technique will be discussed in detail during your in-office consultation, so that you can choose which technique is right for you or your child.

Each patient is analyzed carefully and presents a different anatomic picture and requires a different set of tools for an optimal, natural result. You can be sure your treatment will be individualized to your particular needs.