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The art of reshaping the nose is one of the most satisfying experiences for patient and surgeon alike. It remains one of the most complicated procedures in plastic surgery. Facial plastic surgeons have trained in ENT, providing expertise in the critical internal functions of the nose, and in facial plastic surgery, providing expertise in reshaping the external appearance. BOTH aspects MUST be considered to achieve a successful rhinoplasty outcome. Our surgeons are among the top experts in the world, and routinely see revision cases that help hone their skills-both inside and out.

The balance between form and function of the nose requires a detailed examination of the internal structures and the external shape, including the width, length, and precise position of the tip of the tip. You should be prepared to, in your own words and looking at YOUR OWN NOSE, tell your surgeon which parts of your nose you would like to change in shape. An open and thorough discussion is critical in meeting expectations and achieving a lasting successful outcome. There are different approaches to achieve the desired reshaping and the tradeoffs of each technique will be discussed in detail during your in-office consultation, so that you can choose which technique is right for you.

Finally, the best outcome is a nose that doesn’t look like it has had surgery-a natural looking nose. Each patient is analyzed carefully and presents a different anatomic picture and requires a different set of tools for an optimal, natural result. You can be sure your treatment will be individualized to your particular needs.