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The Flow Cytometry Core Facility’s Network Server is available to all users to temporarily (3 months) store FCS/ISX data for later analysis in the Core (Analysis Computer) or in their laboratories.

The server cleaning takes place on the 1st of every month

Only the last 3 months of your data will remain in your Onyen folder

You are responsible for your data and you should back it up to your lab/office computer. You should also make a second copy to an external drive or an optical disk in case of internal hard drive failure.

No data is to be saved on the local hard drives of the cytometers’ computers
(you may place it there temporarily but must delete it before leaving)


Once trained on a specific instrument, your ‘Onyen folder’ will be created by OIS on the Network Server.

This folder is only accessible by you.
If you do not have an Onyen or you cannot find your Onyen folder in the Flow Facility folder, please contact the FlowCore.

To map the Network Server:



  • When analyzing FCS files, work with them from your local computer’s hard drive as it is faster and safer (in case your computer drops the connection to the server).
  • Summit cannot work with data from an optical disk (CD/DVD) – you must copy it to your hard drive to work with it.
  • Summit databases/protocols should be saved in a “Templates & Settings” folder to avoid deletion during the monthly cleaning.