Cell Cycle:
Propidium Iodide Staining
Analysis of Cellular DNA Content by Flow and Laser Scanning Cytometry

Cell Cycle using Mass Cytometry

Other methods: 

Antibody Titration

DNAse to Prevent Cell Clumping

Cell Filtration Options


Live/Dead Cell Discrimination

Amine reactive beads kit for Viability Dye compensation from ThermoFisher

BioLegend Mitospy mitochondria stains in orange and green

RNA Extraction From Sorted Cells

Cell Prep for RNA seq  O’Flanagan et al. inBioRxIV

Rainbow Calibration Particles (we encourage all analyzer users to perform their own quality control! We recommend each lab have available some Spherotech 8-peak Rainbow Calibration beads, Cat # RCP-30-5A)