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A priority mission of the Flow Cytometry Core Facility is to educate users in properly designing flow cytometry experiments, operate analytic flow cytometers, and analyze flow cytometry data.

Training Fees

All users who wish to operate the analyzers are required to attend a two part training course. To initiate facility training, please Create an account in iLab. Once you have created your iLab account, you can initiate a request for the Introductory Training followed by the Instrument-Specific Training.

  1. Part 1 (Part 1 (Introductory Training – access to WORK-FLOW’s Flow Cytometry Essentials) serves to acquaint the users with the basics of how a flow cytometer works and, especially, what is going on inside “the box” when the user activates various functions. A basic understanding of how a flow cytometer works is critical to producing high quality data. We provide a UNC-specific module that includes important aspects of working in our FlowCore. You may Request Training in iLab to enroll. You will then receive an email with instructions on accessing the online training material.
  2. Part 2 (Instrument-Specific Training) is required for each different machine the user wishes to use. A follow up appointment with staff is required within 2 weeks of the initial instrument training to allow staff to help users with setting up the instrument for their specific use as well as staff to become confident the user can properly operate and briefly troubleshoot if needed. Users must be trained by Facility staff. Training by others in the user’s laboratory is forbidden.
  3. Free consultation with Core Director is mandatory prior to independent access to instrumentation

Your first acquisition run must be scheduled with your trainer. Once completed you will be granted iLab calendar access and after-hour core access.

Part 1 is offered on-demand and is valid as lifetime access. To sign up please register in iLab and then “request service” for the Introductory Training under Request Services.


Sort Training

The UNC Flow Cytometry Core Facility will train users to sort independently non-biohazardous cells on the FACSMelody.

Multiple training sessions will be planned for the user to cover the following:

Eligibility for training on the FACSMelody – All criteria must be met:

  • Have attended the Introductory Training (see part 1 above) including the Cell Sorting Module in Work-Flow.
The time required for sort training will be based on each individual’s experience and learning. Certification for sorting independently will be at the sole discretion of the Core staff. Due to the individual variation in learning the sorting procedure, there is no flat training rate. The sort training fee will consist of the combined sorter time and staff time required, billed according to the current rates.  Please note that there will be a limited number of available training slots and requests will be dealt with on a first-come first-served basis. 
Training for other aspects of conducting flow cytometry experiments will be undertaken in individual discussions with users. We are happy to provide consultation to Core users and PIs free of charge. Our goal is for you to be successful with your flow cytometry experiments. In addition, there is useful information in the form of protocols and tutorials available on the website (Resources).