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The UNC Flow Cytometry Facility is available to all UNC-CH investigators. The Facility is also available to investigators outside UNC – Duke, NC State and companies in the RTP. Contract work with institutions other than those above can be accommodated. Access is mostly based on a first-come, first-served basis.

iLab Account Registration (scheduling & billing, associated with the lab Principal Investigator).
  1. Complete the iLab Account Sign-up Form. If you are at UNC, be sure to select ‘University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill’ on the drop down menu as the institution rather than typing in ‘UNC’ so it will recognize our core.
  2. You will receive an email with account information and basic instructions to get started using the system once your account has been approved.
For issues and questions about managing iLab research groups and chartfield string entry and management please contact the SOM Business Office


Technical Support:
To submit a support ticket click on the HELP (top of the page) to access the support portal, then click “Submit a Ticket”. If you are unable to access the portal, please email with details describing your issue or call 617-297-2805.


Analytical Instruments – The non-sorting, analysis-only flow cytometers are available for use by investigators or their staff in two ways. First, the Facility staff will operate the instruments for investigators. We require that the investigator remain at the instrument while we run the samples so we may consult if questions arise. If we run the same type samples repeatedly for an investigator we can operate in a “drop off the samples mode”. Second, the investigator may operate the instrument. This is provided at a reduced cost. However, each user is required to take our training class (seeTraining). Training is required for each different type of instrument you wish to use. Users are not permitted to be trained by other members of their lab – only by Facility staff. As a rule of thumb, we do not recommend that you take the training class and operate the instruments unless you plan on doing a substantial amount of use. If you use the instrument infrequently your data quality will very likely suffer. The training course includes some individual help sessions to get you started. To use the instruments users may schedule their own time (unless it requires Facility staff participation) – (see Scheduling).

Sorting – All sorting instruments are run by the facility staff. The FACSMelody is available to trained users to sort independently non-biohazardous cells. Contact Flow Staff for training.

All human samples must be sorted on the FACSAria II or the FACSymphony S6.

We require a copy of your SCHEDULE F for any biohazardous materials brought into the core.

See also our Sorting Information.

Consultation – The Facility Director is available for consultation on any component and aspect of flow cytometry. Please call or email for an appointment.

First time users overview:

  1. Read the web site for rules and overview of flow cytometry.
  2. Read appropriate protocols.
  3. Talk to Facility Director or staff about your needs and whether we can do what you want.
  4. Contact the Facility for an appointment (Contact Us). We will run your samples until you are trained (see Training).
  5. Bring samples to Facility for analysis. Observe samples being run to familiarize yourself.
  6. Analyze data.
  7. Write your paper – get famous!!